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Baby Keepsake Gift Box Various inscriptions FREE UK Delivery

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#HugoSays - Pure Perfection only exists in Babies and once we have them they become our whole world.

These engraved baby keepsake boxes are the perfect place to keep all of baba's things as they grow up. To savour and look back on with love and affection.

1. Dream Big Perhaps they'll be a doctor, a scientist or an inspiring leader, either way you're certain they will grow up to make a difference in the world. This baby keepsake box  makes a fantastic birthday gift for boys and girls just to let them know how much you believe in them!

2. A Baby Fills a Space in Your Heart If you've recently introduced a tiny person into your life you will be familiar with this feeling. The perfect new baby gift for friends who have brought a new bundle of joy  into their home, and of course love them very much. Despite lack of sleep they bring, it's nothing compared to the light they bring to the new parents' lives.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Alternative lullaby to sing at bedtime this twist on the classic "Twinkle, Twinkle little star" will do the trick!

A lovely first birthday gift box to fill with trinkets and keepsakes or a fantastic gift for new mums to store their baby boy's or girl's photos and tiny clothes, this is a memory box they can look back on over the years at the special days when they were just a tiny little bundle. 

Engraved with -

1. Dream Big with a cute illustration of a baby elephant holding balloons

2. A baby fills a space in your heart you didn't know you had with a heart jigsaw illustration

3. Twinkle Twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are amongst numerous cute star illustrations

Pine wood with metal hinges and clasp

Dimensions: 28cm x 21cm x 13.5cm


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