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Firetree Super Premium Luxury Chocolate Gift Set FREE UK Delivery

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The ultimate Firetree experience. The Collection contains seven single-estate varietals in a stunning gift box.

Ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa, grown in volcanic soil, the collection is a true exploration in taste. The Gift Box contains 7 of our 65g multi-award-winning bars.


Much like the grapes in winemaking, the cocoa beans from each estate we partner have their own unique taste. These delicate flavours are what make our chocolate so distinctive. So, each variation we create only uses cocoa from a single estate or farmholding.This allows you to enjoy the distinct tastes and nuances of each chocolate in the same way you might enjoy a fine wine. But our dedication to creating the perfect taste doesn’t stop here. We make sure that we use the exact percentage of cocoa for each variation, depending on which estate the cocoa comes from: not too little and not too much. It means you can experience the subtle flavours and overtones of each individual variety of cocoa to the very full.


There are certain hallmarks you should expect from a good quality chocolate. Its clean shine, the “snap” it makes when you break it, and that slow melt in the mouth. Just like a good wine or coffee, good chocolate is something to be savoured, since the unique flavour profile of our single-estate bars can take a while to come through. So first of all, snap a piece off the bar and breathe in the aroma. Linger over those different scents and fragrances. Then place the chocolate on your tongue and allow it to slowly melt, luxuriating in the taste as it develops and grows. You’ll gradually find those subtle tasting notes building up over time as you savour the unique flavour of each variety of chocolate.

In A League of their Own

Firetree focuses on achieving the best tasting chocolate while paying the farmers significantly more than the mass market rate to harvest the best quality cacao. It sources cocoa beans from small island estates in the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ and Madagascar. These volcanic terroirs produce the best quality beans but are too small for the well-known larger chocolate brands to consider. Almost two-thirds of the world’s chocolate comes from Ghana and the Ivory Coast, whereas the countries from which Firetree cocoa is sourced, only account for just over 1%, highlighting the rarity and offering a uniqueness of flavour. Firetree farmers expertly select the cocoa beans, then they are masterfully crafted by skilled chocolatiers to enhance and develop the seven different taste profiles.



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