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Looking for a Pillow Spray that works?

We have brought you 3 Luxury essential oil Room Sprays to choose from each having different properties to aid peaceful sleep and relaxation.

Each scent available to purchase in a set of 2.       See our cost saving Sleep Bundle.

1: Lavender is the classic essential oil to promote a deep sleep. It is scientifically proven to aid rest and relaxation - this Lavender and Rose Geranium Pillow Spray  is an oil that has been used through history to ease low moods - often it is the worry of not sleeping that is enough to prevent sleep.  Benefits Sleep Better, Reduce stress, Lift low moods.

2: Bergamot & Frankincense Pillow Spray - Bergamot provides a subtle citrus scent which is also delicately spicy. Frankincense adds a relaxing woody note. Benefits Promotes Sleep, Encourages calm, Stops thoughts racing before bedtime

3: Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper & Sweet Marjoram - Floral Lavender is the classic oil to aid sleep. We've combined it with fresh Rosemary and Juniper to create a beautifully cooling and uplifting scent. Rosemary oil, with its Eucalyptus-like scent, is known for lifting spirits and relaxing the body. Juniper and Sweet Marjoram have traditionally been used to ease muscle tension. Benefits Promotes Sleep Encourages deep relaxation, clears the mind Soothes tired muscles.

Good to know all pillow sprays are Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and use high quality essential-oils.  All contained in a generous amber glass recyclable 100ml bottle, in a cardboard tube secondary packaging. Can be used as a Room Spray too.


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