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Shoreline Shaving Eco Friendly Pack-Vegan Soap-Stand and Disposal Tin FREE UK DELIVERY

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Want to help the environment ?


Shaving Soap-Disposal Tin-Razor Stands

This orange and lavender shaving soap is made for a traditional wet shave and is ideal for men and women. And it smells lovely. It’s gentler on the skin compared with foams and gels, lathers up quickly and nourishes. For men, it softens the beard and hair. For women, it’s really gentle on the skin and doesn't irritate.

The soap is vegan friendly and free from palm oil, parabens, sulphates, triclosan, phthalates and cruelty.    

The only ingredients in the soap are these: castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, kaolin clay, lavender and orange essential oils, aloe vera, water...

Our razor blade disposal tin is a necessity for every reusable safety razor. It's made from strong tin plated steel and has been designed to enclose your used blades, making sure they are stored safely. Stores up to 100 blades ready for recycling.

Our colourful metal and bamboo safety razor stands have been designed to perfectly match the size of your safety razor. The stand will protect your blade from blunting, and protect it from laying in water and any damage from falls. All of our razor stands have a weighted and ventilated base, including ample depth for the handle of your safety razor

Eco-friendly shaving products designed by Shoreline Shaving.

Discover a wide range of plastic-free and environmentally friendly shaving products  suitable for women and men, including natural shaving soap, replacement blades, blade tins and much more.

Safety razors are much more environmentally friendly to our planet because they are reusable, strong, robust and make zero waste. Switching to an eco razor is kind to the environment, as you will never need to throw any part of the razor in the waste bin. If you take care of your safety razor and adopt plastic-free shaving wholeheartedly, your razor could last you a lifetime.


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