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Luxury DOG Gift Set FREE UK Delivery

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#HugoSays - Our Most Loyal and Caring Loved Ones Deserve Only the Best.  
  Sourced and brought together by House of Hugo and packed using sustainable, recycled boxes and filling


Contents:  All from small independent UK companies.

RRP of contents if purchased individually - £48

  • Organic Paws & Nose Balm
  • Aloe Vera Eye Wipes
  • Oatmeal & Lavender Dog Shampoo
  • Health & Digestion Dog Treats
  • Hand Made Heart Dog Toy
  • Heart Warming Wall Art Card


  • Paw & Nose Balm -  This Organic Balm is a pot of goodness and a must have item to maintain your dog’s healthy paws whilst also soothing their paw pads and snouts, providing comfort to dry skin. We know that your pet deserves the best, that’s why this paw balm is made from natural and organic ingredients - you can trust it is the best option that is organic, natural and safe for your pet. These carefully chosen, active ingredients are perfect for use on your pups possibly sensitive skin, and a reliable balm throughout the year for paws in all seasons, conditions, and surfaces. The conditioning treatment is used to form a barrier to protect their skin before your daily adventures together, and will provide chapped paws with a real sense of relief, absorbing into their cracked pads to nourish and moisturise to get them back running on all paws during the day, and sleeping comfortably at night. 60g
  • Aloe Vera Eye Wipes - Pre-soaked Aloe Vera dog eye wipes make caring and cleaning for your pets eyes easy. The natural, pre-soaked Aloe Vera formula wipes are gentle and safe to use daily, to wipe away tear stains and other discharge they may experience. The wipes are also beneficial in helping to prevent future build-up of eye discharge and promote optimum eye health to keep them happy and healthy! The natural formula ensures that the pads are non-irritating, as they contain no nasties to make sure that they are safe to use even on the most sensitive of pooches from 3 months old. The tub of Aloe Vera wipes contain 120 pads, and are of an extra large size of 8cm to ensure that the pads are that much easier to use on your dog.
  • Oatmeal & Lavender Dog Shampoo - Natural and vegan friendly Oatmeal with Lavender Dog Shampoo is a must have item in your dog’s grooming routine, helping your messy mutt transform into a pampered pooch! This shampoo aims to effectively cleanse and deodorise your dogs coat, all whilst moisturising and repairing any damaged hair, to leave them feeling and smelling fresh. The oatmeal works to moisturise and nourish their skin whilst helping to maintain a healthy, shiny coat and revitalise any damaged skin they may have.  The lavender element aims to soothe itchy or irritated skin, and promote a calming effect with a fresh, lasting fragrance, which smells divine, to help relax and relieve the stress of the day. 250ml
  • Mini Bone Dog Treats - HEALTH & DIGESTION dog treats are hand baked and expertly blended so that even dogs with the most sensitive digestion can feel good inside and out. The delicious low calorie recipe includes chicory (a natural prebiotic that promotes the 'good bacteria' in the gut, parsley a traditional digestive aid and charcoal which can absorb the gasses that cause flatulence. - 125g tube.
  • Heart Shaped Eco Dog Toy - This tug toy is not only great because it’s eco friendly but also because dogs love it! Made from 100% recycled cotton. Contains a polyester core for thickness. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 guarantees that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment. Available in one size. 6 x 8 inches
  • Print - This gorgeous 21 x 21cm card print will look great mounted or framed to make you smile daily.
  • All our packaging is from recycled sources and can all be recycled again.
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